How Your Sense of Humor Works

How Does LafLife’s Sense of Humor Algorithm Work?

Laflife has identified the key elements that are found in varying degrees and manifestations in all humor. They bind together in unique and complex ways like atoms making molecules, making every humorous incident, and everyone’s sense of humor, entirely unique.

​Unlike most of the academic community, Laflife has pursued years of research in developing a simple, actionable theory that can be translated into highly useful algorithms. The algorithms are designed to drive products dedicated to helping you discover, explore and share your unique sense of humor.

​The results are a proprietary, patent-pending breakthrough for understanding your unique sense of humor and delivering personal entertainment. It is a completely unique and entertaining combination of humor, wisdom, psychology and and the latest insights into the unconscious.

​Laflife works because:

​Our technology is simple, easy to use and fun.

​Our proprietary algorithms effectively map the key elements found in all humor.

​LafLife can help you find the unique elemental combination that works just for you.

“A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.” – William James

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