How Your Sense of Humor Works

The Most Valuable Perspective You Can Have

Your sense of humor brings perspective that has the power to transform your life. It makes everything more interesting, even in times of stress and boredom. It helps reframe problems that feel like dead-ends and turns them into something you can work with. Your sense of humor won’t solve your problems, but it can help you handle them.

Like any tool, you can learn to use your sense of humor more skillfully. As you learn to work with it, you will find that you will want to use it more often.

Your true sense of humor always feels good—it never feels bad. But it isn’t just something that makes you feel good—it is a powerful expression of your inner wisdom that reminds you of what you love in life, and who you really are.

The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.– Mark Twain 

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